Sound Insulation Performance

A sound insulation test of a separating partition will be considered as a pass if the airborne sound insulation is equal to

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Approved Doc E Sound Testing Recommendations

'Soundguard Acoustics provided a thorough & professional service & achieved a successful outcome for my building refurbishment project. I would definitely recommend

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Does my conversion need a Sound Test?

All new and converted dwelling houses and flats for residential purpose require sound testing to Approved Document E standard. This also includes

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What is the benefit of a Sound Test?

In buildings sound can be defined as 'airborne sound' (i.e. sound generated and transferred directly in the air by talking or home

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What is Approved Doc E?

Approved Document E – ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’ came into force on July 1st 2003 and provides minimum sound insulation

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Soundguard Acoustics….. like us?

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd has been an independent acoustic consultancy since 2008. The company, based in the South West, holds Full Member status

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