Soundguard Acoustics was appointed by the project Architects, David Wilson Partnership, Barnstaple, in early 2013 to provide design advice, consultancy and end of build testing to meet the Building Regulation Acoustic requirements and attain BREEAM credits for good acoustic design for the recently completed Pilton School development in Barnstaple, Devon.
The ten mathematics classrooms were designed to achieve good sound separation between party walls and floors to ensure that disturbance between classrooms did not occur. The building services and facades were also considered and the optimum reverberation times in classrooms were controlled and achieved with the addition of Ecophon Ceiling rafts which enabled the teaching spaces to fully meet the required reverberation times for the rooms to provide optimum teaching and listening conditions for both teachers and students. Ancillary spaces, offices, a plant room and circulation spaces also formed part of the design and the acoustic conditions were also considered for these areas.
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