All new and converted dwelling houses and flats for residential purpose require sound testing to Approved Document E standard. This also includes a room or suite of rooms which is not a dwelling house or a flat but which is used by one or more persons to live and sleep. For example, rooms in hostels, hotels, boarding houses, halls of residence, and residential homes. Soundguard Acoustics is able to advise at any stage of your propject to ensure that you meet the Approved Document E sound testing requirements for Building Control.
Detached properties do not require sound testing and new constructions that have been built and appropriately registered with the Robust Details scheme do not need to be sound tested. Historic building conversions may not need to be sound tested but often a ‘test and declare’ certificate for sound insulation performance is requested by the Building Control Officer (BCO).
If you are uncertain about the Approved Document E sound testing requirements for your conversion or new build then contact Soundguard Acoustics ltd or download our FREE developers guide to Approved Doc E sound insulation testing.