Soundguard Acoustics has been involved with a number of Office, Healthcare and School projects. This project was a new build secondary school that was required to meet all BB93 standards, achieve BREEAM for acoustics and provide a good end of build teaching environment. The architects had designed a naturally ventilated building with high ceilings, large a large window area and an exposed aesthetic timber ceiling. As a result our modelled and predicted performance for the rooms resulted in long reverberation times, something that is not supportive of good speech inteligibility or listening conditions.
Soundguard Acoustics Ltd specified hung ceiling raft systems. This method maintained the height of the room and the visual appeal of the ceilings. The project team agreed that the rafts added an extra dimension to the project and felt that they enhanced the look and the performance of the teaching spaces.
Soundguard Acoustics provided the appropriate testing and the rooms performed as predicted; achieving the requirements of BB93 and BREEAM. If you require advice on building acoustics then please contact us. Soundguard Acosutics can work with project teams at any stage of a project to get your internal space sounding ‘just right’.