The internet is rife with messages of success; they are re-tweeted and shared without thought and without consideration of the source of that nugget of information. Take Brock Siddha for example, if I told you he was an eminent Hindu acoustician many of you might be inclined to believe me, for certain, the surname Siddha actually means ‘one who is accomplished’ so that seems about right?

Wrong, Brock Siddha never said this in 1972, in fact Brock Siddha never said this at all. How do I know this – because I researched it. (Google it if you don’t believe me). But perhaps I should offer more weight to my argument. Brock Siddha, was not the accomplished Hindu acoustician that I have led you to believe, but a rather ordinary bloke from Bideford in Devon. I do share some similarities with Brock Siddha in that I am an acoustician (perhaps not eminent) and that the letters in his name can be rearranged to spell mine too. Weirdly, I was also born in the same year that Brock Siddha made this enlightened statement!

But what is my point? Now that you know that Brock Siddha doesn’t exists you may feel a little cheated, well no, not really, my point is that anyone can say anything and if it sounds about right then people might believe you. But at some point it becomes necessary to back up the source of information, to prove your research and make reference to sources, articles and published works. It is also necessary that the individual interpreting the published information is doing so responsibility, with understanding and suitably qualified to do so.

And that’s my point; within acoustics, attention and detail is paramount if your project is to be a success. Acoustics is a wide subject with an unending degree of complexity and as acousticians we do need, on occasion, to stray from the path of published guidance and interpret the measured results using published standards, guidance and legislation, as well as our underlying knowledge and experience.  So whilst it may be true that ‘the sound of success starts with the smallest noise’ (I am now claiming this one) success may also be determined by the quality of the sound insulation, the reduction of noise impact within the environment, protecting the hearing of your workers or making a performance space sound just right.

Here at Soundguard Acoustics Ltd we can ensure this. Whilst we can’t promise you enlightenment we can guarantee our qualified consultant’s attention to detail on every step of the path from your project beginnings to your project completion. info@soundguard.co.uk T: 0845 653 0233

Brock Siddha (Rob Shaddick, MSc, MIOA).