Its been a week of local sound testing services with Approved Doc E sound test jobs in Ilfracombe, Bideford and Barnstaple. Approved Doc E requires that new builds and conversions meet a minimum requirement of sound insulation in order to demonstrate that a reasonable resistance to the passage of sound has been achieved by the construction methods used.
Unfortunately this doesn’t always occur and a development of 4 flats that we tested this week failed to meet the requirements due to poor separating floor designs. The sad thing is that we could recognise this as soon as the developer informed us of the construction, if only they had considered our services earlier on in the project then we could have helped design a more appropriate construction that would have passed the Approved Doc E sound test.
Now, its likely to be a few meetings with the Building Control Officers and site meetings to establish the cause of the problem and how this may be corrected with subsequent further testing to verify the corrections.
If you have a conversion or a new build project that needs to meet sound testing requirements then get your sound tester on board early. We are accredited sound testers across Devon, SomersetCornwall, Dorset and other parts of the UK, we can also provide build and development advice at the early stage of your project to make sure that you avoid the problems associated with sound testing failures – get it right first time every time, we even have a FREE developers guide to sound insulation testing that you can download HERE. Pick up the phone and call us about your project today and see how Soundguard Acoustics can help you. T: 0845 6530233