The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (CONAWR) is the current standard relating to the noise exposure of employees. We all know that manufacturing and engineering may be perceived as ‘noisy’ businesses but did you know that the workplace noise assessment requirements cover a wider range of industries such as the entertainment sector, call centres, food and drink, forestry and 1000’s of other workplaces deemed to be noisy. So whether you’re milling steel or a Barista milling coffee your employee needs to have completed a workplace noise risk assessment to determine your noise exposure.
This might be a simple assessment by a competent individual within the business (and for many companies common sense may depict that no significant noise exists), but where those levels are much higher then that’s where Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can assist by providing full workplace noise risk assessments to determine the noise exposure of your employees & provide a detailed action plan of noise mitigation & control. We provide solutions that are not only ‘fit for purpose’ but are practical, achievable, sensible & appropriate to your workplace.Sounds good? what now? Contact us today on 0845 653 0233 or email and let’s make everything sound just right.