Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is an accredited sound insulation testing company covering all parts of the Southwest, South Wales and other parts of the U.K. Most developers also benefit from early intervention, we can assist in partition design ensuring that the end of build requirement, whether new build or conversion, will meet and exceed the minimum ADE standards whilst also saving you money by removing unnessesary material layers within the build.
For example, this week, we saved a developer the costs of adding a raised floor system which had been specified by their architect. It was considered that the ceiling design, which was above a commercial property, was sufficient in meeting the standard, we also determined that the design was already likely to provide a good level of sound insulation and the additional floor layers were unlikely to provide significant additional advantage, especially when considering the costs which were working out at almost £80 per square meter.
We have extensive experience and can spot these potential over specifications quickly, and like this developer, could suddenly save you thousands of pounds in material cost, time and labour (and yes, the property performed as we predicted when sound testing was completed) … Need help with your Approved Document E sound test, contact us today and get a Soundguard Acoustics sound tester involved with your development. T: 0845 6530233 or email