Sound Testing is an essential requirement at the completion of any new build or conversion project and the requirement when testing the LnTw  impact performance of floors is that the carpets are either removed, or lifted to accommodate the imapct testing equipment. The reason is that the Approved Doc E requirement is to test the structural integrity of the floor for sound insulation performance, thereby removing the variable of tenants or owners altering the floor covering in the future.

So whether lino, laminate or carpet is preferred by the owner / tenant the impact testing of the exposed flooring layer should achieve the minimum requirements of the impact sound test. However, it is not always possible to test before carpets have been fitted, especially where new dwellings are created below existing occupied flats or premises and a sensible approach is required. This normally requires sound testing performed with a board overlaying the carpet. This is not advised approach, but is an accepted approach within the ANC Guidelines and with the permission of the Building Control Officer and this approach should not be relied upon to achieve a higher degree of impact sound insulation performance.

Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is based in Bideford, Devon and is approved under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) registration scheme for carrying out Approved Doc E sound insulation testing for building control so that you can be sure that you are using a local and Approved Doc E sound testing company that is fully accredited, uses suitably qualified and experienced sound testers and is acknowledged by local Building Control Officers. Visit or for free quotation or to book your sound test with us.  T: 01237 478142 E: