Greenfarm Hostel is a development in Cardiff built entirely with shipping containers. The purpose of the building is to provide emergency social housing and was designed by ISO Spaces South West Ltd. Shipping containers present a number of challenges when designing to meet Building Regulations, something that had been carefully considered within the internal design. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd was approached by the Truro based firm ISO Spaces South West Ltd and asked to sound test the eight apartments and provide the neccessary certification to meet the performance standards for New Build homes under Approved Doc E of the Building Regulations. Testing was performed in all parts of the building, including some additional testing to verify changes and developments within the design.

Testing was succesful with all parts of the building exceeding the minimum requirements for airborne and impact sound transfer. The sound insulation performance of the walls and the floors was achieved and ADE Building Regulation certification was provided by Soundguard Acoustics Ltd who are an approved, registered and accredited sound insulation test body under the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC).

Acoustic Consultant & Director Rob Shaddick of Soundguard Acoustics, said ‘It was fantastic to be asked to sound test a different type of building, container buildings have grown in popularity but this is the first opportunity we have had to actually test the sound insulation performance of these buildings. We are happy to confirm the performance and award the necessary sound insulation certification for Building Control’.

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