British Standard BS 4142: 2014 – Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound is used for the assessment of noise of a commercial and industrial nature. It provides methods for rating and assessing sound of an industrial and/or commercial nature, including industrial and manufacturing processes, fixed installations of mechanical and electrical plant and equipment, sound from the loading and unloading of goods and materials at industrial and/or commercial premises and mobile plant and vehicles that is an intrinsic part of the overall sound emanating from premises or processes, such as that from forklift trucks, or that from train or ship movements on or around an industrial and/or commercial site.

The assessment method in BS 4142 is based on the difference between the measured ‘background sound level’ without the influence of the sound source, and the ‘rating level’ of the industrial source, at the receiver location. The significance of the sound will determine the level of impact and depends upon the margin by which the rating level of the specific sound source exceeds the background sound level, and the context in which the sound occurs. Ultimately, the purpose of the BS4142 noise survey is to ensure that the development is compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework and Noise Policy Statement for England.

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