Music to your ears….

Music noise control for events & festivals starts with an effective Noise Management Strategy. We will assist you at the initial planning stages, with the Local Authority & Environmental Health Officers, during Music Noise Level sound checks, & work with the festival organisers & sound engineers to provide live ‘real-time’ events noise monitoring to meet your event license conditions & festival noise control obligations.

Festival & Events Noise Monitoring… but can it be controlled?

Yes, we have extensive festival & event experience, we can support multiple sound monitoring locations & real-time advice during the event ensuring that you reduce the risk of community festival noise complaint, meet your event license conditions & demonstrate a pro-active festival noise management strategy to the Local Authority. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd can also provide noise risk assessment, including signage and hearing protection advice for staff, volunteers & supporting services at the event.

Sounds good, what now?

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  • Noise Management Plan
  • Real-time sound monitoring during your event
  • Working with the Local Authority to demonstrate effective control
  • Determining appropriate event license conditions
  • Initial design, layout & planning
  • Music Noise Level sound checks
  • Real-time pro-active sound control during the event
  • Working with Environmental Health Officers towards solutions
  • Responding to community noise complaints