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What is noise dispersion modelling?

Noise modelling, or ISO 9613 noise dispersion modelling, is a noise mapping software used within environmental acoustics to predict the effect of road, rail or industrial sources on new or existing dwellings.

I’m still lost, what is a noise impact assessment?

Noise modelling, noise impact assessment or noise mapping software will provide a prediction analysis of existing sound sources upon the layout of new or existing developments or for understanding the effect of acoustic barriers & topography. Development layout, earth bunds and acoustic fencing can all be predicted in advance enabling you to understand the affect of noise across the site. A visual noise map is a tool to provide supportive evidence within environmental noise reports and help to satisfy Environmental Health Officers or Planners that noise control has been appropriately designed.

Sounds good, what now?

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  • ISO 9613 Bruel & Kjaer Predictor Lima Software
  • Computer modelling of commercial, industrial & entertainment noise
  • 2D or 3D modelling of sources at multiple locations
  • Advanced fully functional software
  • Acoustic reports supported with detailed mapping
  • Visual representation of noise impact or solutions
  • Recognised by Planners & Environmental Health Officers
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