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Is my build ready for Sound Testing?

It is important that your build is at the appropriate stage for sound testing. Unfinished detailing may affect the sound insulation performance of your build. To ensure an appropriate test and optimum chance of achieving the sound testing standards please use the checklist below or download our FREE Developers guide to Sound Insulation Testing:

  • A 240v electric supply in test areas to avoid extension cables through doorways
  • Lighting is available in all test spaces
  • Windows are fitted and full closable
  • Window trickle vents are in place or temporarily blocked during testing
  • All doors (external & internal) are fitted with seals, reveals and closable
  • TV, Satellite, telephone & power sockets on separating partitions are fitted
  • All wall surfaces in rooms to be tested are complete
  • Floors & ceiling surfaces are complete with no grill holes, ducts or down lighters
  • Cornice and skirting boards are in place
  • Soft coverings (carpets, foam backed laminates etc) have NOT been laid
  • Rooms must be unfurnished and free of builders materials
  • The immediate site must be kept as quiet as possible during testing
  • No other tradesmen can be present in the properties during sound testing
  • Sound Testing across the South West, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Somerset
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