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What is workplace noise risk assessment?

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (CONAWR) is the current standard relating to occupational noise risk assessment. We work with Health & Safety Managers across the UK to provide sensible noise risk assessments reports, and action plans, to HSE standard, that are ‘fit for purpose’ & appropriate to your workplace.

Eh… what did you say?

Workplace Noise Risk Assessment identifies occupational noise exposure risk in your workplace. Action plans and solutions can then be designed with the company to reduce the level of workplace noise risk upon the hearing of your employees. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (CONAWR) is the current standard relating to occupational noise risk assessment and noise exposure & applies to all types of workplace including industry, food manufacturing, entertainment, nightclubs, call centres, agriculture & forestry.

Can you help us meet the workplace noise regulations?

Sure! Soundguard Acoustics Ltd has extensive experience with noise risk assessment and the CONAWR. We can provide full workplace noise risk assessment to determine the noise exposure of your employees & provide a detailed action plan of noise mitigation & control. We provide solutions that are not only ‘fit for purpose’ but are practical, achievable, sensible & appropriate to your workplace.

What does a noise risk assessment report include?

All reports supplied by Soundguard Acoustics Ltd are to HSE standard & identify engineering noise control, level of risk, noise mapping, hearing protection evaluation & hearing protection zones where indicated. We can provide further follow up services including noise risk assessment training, noise engineering advice & hearing protection zone demarkation.

Sounds good, what now?

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  • Workplace Noise Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive noise risk reports in PDF format
  • Identify employee occupational noise exposure
  • Working with your Health & Safety manager
  • Hearing protection advice & hearing risk
  • Setting hearing protection zones & signage
  • Effective noise control approaches
  • Detailed action plan of noise control solutions
  • Advice on hearing health surveillance
  • Practical, achievable & sensible advice
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